“Optimal Co-Generation in an Integrated Kraft Mill”

Authors: S. Suh and Thor O. Olsen,
Affiliation: St. Regis Paper Company, USA and SINTEF
Reference: 1982, Vol 3, No 1, pp. 11-19.

Keywords: Optimization, cogeneration, kraft, modeling, identification, control, linear programming, recursive, turbine-generators, man-machine

Abstract: An optimal control system designed to minimize the consumption of high pressure steam (and thus minimizing energy costs) while meeting the paper millĀ“s demand for process steam and electric power is developed. An installation example is described and system performance and benefits are discussed. It should be noted that the theories developed in this paper can be readily extended to the design of an optimal control system which maximizes the electric generation under the given inlet steam flow.

PDF PDF (1984 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1982.1.2

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