Author: Houxiang Zhang

 Total number of MIC articles       4 Arrow Up
 Total number of DOI citations  4
 Total number of DOI excluding self-citations  2
 Average citations per article  1.00
 Average excluding self-citations  0.50
 Years 2020 - 2021 

MIC: Houxiang Zhang

4. Sihan Gao, Lars Christian Gansel, Guoyuan Li and Houxiang Zhang, “An Integrated Approach to Modelling Fish Cage Response in the Flow”, 2021-4-3
3. Robert Skulstad, Guoyuan Li, Thor I. Fossen, Tongtong Wang and Houxiang Zhang, “A Co-operative Hybrid Model For Ship Motion Prediction”, 2021-1-2
[1] Motoyasu Kanazawa, Robert Skulstad, Guoyuan Li, Lars Ivar Hatledal and Houxiang Zhang (2021), doi:10.1109/JSEN.2021.3119069
2. Alberto Maximiliano Crescitelli, Lars Christian Gansel and Houxiang Zhang, “NorFisk: fish image dataset from Norwegian fish farms for species recognition using deep neural networks”, 2021-1-1
1. Lars Ivar Hatledal, Robert Skulstad, Guoyuan Li, Arne Styve and Houxiang Zhang, “Co-simulation as a Fundamental Technology for Twin Ships”, 2020-4-2
[1] Guoyuan Li, Erlend Holseker, Arvin Khodabandeh, Isak Gamnes Sneltvedt, Erik BjornoY and Houxiang Zhang (2021), doi:10.1109/ICMA52036.2021.9512631
[2] Jan-Erik Giering and Alexander Dyck (2021), doi:10.1515/auto-2021-0082
[3] Icaro Aragao Fonseca, Henrique Murilo Gaspar, Pedro Cardozo de Mello and Humberto Akira Uehara Sasaki (2022), doi:10.1016/j.cad.2021.103191