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Anniversary Issues:

30 Year Anniversary Issue (Vol. 30, No. 3): Editorial by Geir Hovland, Morten Breivik and Rudolf E. Kalman

2009, Vol. 30, No. 3:
1.Stig KvaalHooked on a New Technology: The Automation Pioneers in Post-War Norway”, pp. 87-100
2.Morten Breivik and Gunnar Sand, “Jens Glad Balchen: A Norwegian Pioneer in Engineering Cybernetics”, pp. 101-125
3.Tor A. Johansen and Morten Hovd, “The Department of Engineering Cybernetics at NTNU: From 1994 Into the Future”, pp. 127-132
4.Bernt Lie, David Di Ruscio, Rolf Ergon, Bjørn Glemmestad, Maths Halstensen, Finn Haugen, Saba Mylvaganam, Nils-Olav Skeie and Dietmar Winkler, “Modeling, Identification and Control at Telemark University College”, pp. 133-147
5.Sigurd SkogestadFeedback: Still the Simplest and Best Solution”, pp. 149-155
6.Tor A. Hauge, Rune Løkling and Stanley Haga, “Past, Present and Future of Process Control at Xstrata Nikkelverk”, pp. 157-165
7.Torgny BrogårdhRobot Control Overview: An Industrial Perspective”, pp. 167-180
8.Morten Breivik, Geir Hovland and Pål J. From, “Trends in Research and Publication: Science 2.0 and Open Access”, pp. 181-190

15 Year Anniversary Issue (Vol. 15, No. 3): Editorial by Jens G. Balchen

1994, Vol. 15, No. 3:
1.Karl J. ÅströmThe future of control”, pp. 127-134
2.Pieter EykhoffEvery good regulator of a system must be a model of that system”, pp. 135-139
3.Rudolf E. KalmanRandomness reexamined”, pp. 141-151
4.Lennart LjungSystem Identification in a MIC perspective”, pp. 153-159
5.Manfred MorariThe Past and the Next Fifteen Years”, pp. 161-164
6.Nihoul Jacques C.JModeling sustainable development”, pp. 165-169
7.John D. PerkinsTrends in process systems engineering”, pp. 171-177
8.Dale E. SeborgA perspective on advanced strategies for process control”, pp. 179-189
9.Lotfi A. ZadehThe role of fuzzy logic in modeling, identification and control”, pp. 191-203


Oct 2018: MIC reaches 3000 DOI Forward Links. The last 1000 took 2 years and 5 months.

May 2016: MIC reaches 2000 DOI Forward Links. The first 1000 took 34 years, the next 1000 took 2.5 years.

July 2015: MIC's new impact factor is now 0.778. The number of papers published in 2014 was 21 compared to 15 in 2013, which partially explains the small decrease in impact factor.

Aug 2014: For the 3rd year in a row MIC's impact factor increases. It is now 0.826.

Dec 2013: New database-driven web-design enabling extended statistics. Article number 500 is published and MIC reaches 1000 DOI Forward Links.

Jan 2012: Follow MIC on your smartphone by using the RSS feed.


July 2011: MIC passes 1000 ISI Web of Science citations.

Mar 2010: MIC is now indexed by DOAJ and has received the Sparc Seal seal for open access journals.

Dec 2009: A MIC group is created at LinkedIn and Twitter.

Oct 2009: MIC is now fully updated in ISI Web of Knowledge.