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Telemark University College

 Total number of MIC articles   55
 Total number of DOI citations  302
 Average citations per article  5.49
 Years 1993 - 2016 

MIC: Telemark University College

2016-1-4: Christer Dalen and David Di Ruscio, “Model-Free Predictive Anti-Slug Control of a Well-Pipeline-Riser”

2015-4-5: Liubomyr Vytvytskyi, Roshan Sharma and Bernt Lie, “Model based control for run-of-river system. Part 2: Comparison of control structures”

2015-4-4: Liubomyr Vytvytskyi, Roshan Sharma and Bernt Lie, “Model based control for run-of-river system. Part 1: Model implementation and tuning”

2015-3-6: M. Anushka S. Perera, Tor A. Hauge and Carlos F. Pfeiffer, “Parameter and State Estimation of Large-Scale Complex Systems Using Python Tools”

2015-3-5: Christer Dalen, David Di Ruscio and Roar Nilsen, “Model-free optimal anti-slug control of a well-pipeline-riser in the K-Spice/LedaFlow simulator”

2015-1-4: M. Anushka S. Perera, Bernt Lie and Carlos F. Pfeiffer, “Structural Observability Analysis of Large Scale Systems Using Modelica and Python”

2014-3-1: Håkon Viumdal, Saba Mylvaganam and David Di Ruscio, “System Identification of a Non-Uniformly Sampled Multi-Rate System in Aluminium Electrolysis Cells”

2014-1-4: D.W.U. Perera, Carlos F. Pfeiffer and Nils-Olav Skeie, “Modelling the heat dynamics of a residential building unit: Application to Norwegian buildings”

2014-1-3: Shuai Wang, Jon Hovland and Rune Bakke, “Modeling and simulation of lab-scale anaerobic co-digestion of MEA waste”

2013-3-4: Finn Haugen, Rune Bakke and Bernt Lie, “On-off and PI Control of Methane Gas Production of a Pilot Anaerobic Digestion Reactor”

2013-3-2: David Di Ruscio, “Model Predictive Control with Integral Action: A simple MPC algorithm”

2013-3-1: Finn Haugen, Rune Bakke and Bernt Lie, “Temperature Control of a Pilot Anaerobic Digestion Reactor”

2013-2-4: Finn Haugen and Bernt Lie, “Relaxed Ziegler-Nichols Closed Loop Tuning of PI Controllers”

2013-2-2: Roshan Sharma and Bjørn Glemmestad, “Optimal control strategies with nonlinear optimization for an Electric Submersible Pump lifted oil field”

2013-2-1: Finn Haugen, Rune Bakke and Bernt Lie, “Adapting Dynamic Mathematical Models to a Pilot Anaerobic Digestion Reactor”

2012-4-3: Finn Haugen, “The Good Gain method for simple experimental tuning of PI controllers”

2012-2-1: David Di Ruscio, “Discrete LQ optimal control with integral action: A simple controller on incremental form for MIMO systems”

2012-1-2: Roshan Sharma, Kjetil Fjalestad and Bjørn Glemmestad, “Optimization of lift gas allocation in a gas lifted oil field as non-linear optimization problem”

2011-1-2: Magnus Komperød, John A. Bones and Bernt Lie, “A Sensor Fusion Algorithm for Filtering Pyrometer Measurement Noise in the Czochralski Crystallization Process”

2010-4-3: David Di Ruscio, “On Tuning PI Controllers for Integrating Plus Time Delay Systems”

2010-3-1: Finn Haugen, “Comparing PI Tuning Methods in a Real Benchmark Temperature Control System”

2010-2-3: Finn Haugen, “Control of a Buoyancy-Based Pilot Underwater Lifting Body”

2010-2-2: Deshai Botheju, Bernt Lie and Rune Bakke, “Oxygen Effects in Anaerobic Digestion - II”

2010-1-2: Magnus Komperød and Bernt Lie, “Empirical Modeling of Heating Element Power for the Czochralski Crystallization Process”

2009-4-2: David Di Ruscio, “A Bootstrap Subspace Identification Method: Comparing Methods for Closed Loop Subspace Identification by Monte Carlo Simulations”

2009-4-1: Deshai Botheju, Bernt Lie and Rune Bakke, “Oxygen Effects in Anaerobic Digestion”

2009-3-4: Bernt Lie, David Di Ruscio, Rolf Ergon, Bjørn Glemmestad, Maths Halstensen, Finn Haugen, Saba Mylvaganam, Nils-Olav Skeie and Dietmar Winkler, “Modeling, Identification and Control at Telemark University College”

2009-2-3: David Di Ruscio, “Closed and Open Loop Subspace System Identification of the Kalman Filter”

2007-1-2: Rolf Ergon, “Modified Smith-predictor multirate control utilizing secondary process measurements”

2006-4-2: Cristina Ferrero Sarmiento, Qian Chai, Marta D. Díez, Sverre H. Amrani and Bernt Lie, “Systematic Analysis of Parameter Identifiability for Improved Fitting of a Biological Wastewater Model to Experimental Data”

2005-3-3: Geir W. Nilsen and David Di Ruscio, “Closed Loop Subspace Identification”

2005-1-3: Bernt Lie, Marta D. Díez and Tor A. Hauge, “A comparison of implementation strategies for MPC”

2005-1-2: Rolf Ergon, “Informative PLS score-loading plots for process understanding and monitoring”

2003-3-1: David Di Ruscio, “Subspace System Identification of the Kalman Filter”

2002-4-2: Rolf Ergon, “Noise Handling Capabilities of Multivariate Calibration Methods”

2002-2-4: Siljan Siljan and Morten Chr. Melaaen, “One-Dimensional Simulation of Clay Drying”

2002-2-3: Britt Halvorsen and Vidar Mathiesen, “Modeling and Simulation of a lab-scale Fluidised Bed”

2002-2-2: Marta Duenas Diez, G. Ausland, Magne Fjeld and Bernt Lie, “Simulation of a Hydrometallurgical Leaching Reactor modeled as a DAE system”

2002-1-3: Qianpu Wang, Morten Chr. Melaaen and Sunil R. de Silva, “A Computational and Experimental Study of Fluid Flow in a De-duster”

2002-1-2: Tor A. Hauge and Bernt Lie, “Paper Machine Modeling at Norske Skog Saugbrugs: A Mechanistic Approach”

2002-1-1: Aage I. Jøsang and Morten Chr. Melaaen, “Fluid Flow Simulations of a Vane Separator”

2001-3-1: Rolf Ergon and Kim H. Esbensen, “A didactically motivated PLS prediction algorithm”

2001-2-2: Rolf Ergon and Maths Halstensen, “Dynamic system multivariate calibration based on multirate sampling data”

2000-4-3: Bernt Lie and David M. Himmelblau, “Catalyst Deactivation: Control Relevance of Model Assumptions”

1998-3-1: David Di Ruscio, “The partial least squares algorithm: a truncated Cayley-Hamilton series approximation used to solve the regression problem”

1998-2-3: Rolf Ergon, “Dynamic system calibration: the low primary output sampling rate case”

1998-2-2: Rolf Ergon, “Dynamic system multivariate calibration by system identification methods”

1997-3-2: David Di Ruscio and Jens G. Balchen, “A State Space Model for the Wood Chip Refining Model”

1997-2-4: T. Dahl, A. Hashemi-Ahmady and Bernt Lie, “Modelling and simulation of phase equilibrium in dynamic systems”

1997-1-2: Bjørn H. Hjertager, “Process Modelling of Chemical Reactors: Zero- versus Multi-dimensional Models”

1997-1-1: Jens I. Ytreeide, Olav Aaker, Vidar Kristoffersen, Geir Moe and Christian Naustdal, “Control, Operator Support and Safety System of PVC-reactors”

1996-3-3: David Di Ruscio, “Combined Deterministic and Stochastic System Identification and Realization: DSR - A Subspace Approach Based on Observations”

1995-4-1: Bjørn H. Hjertager and K. Morud, “Computational fluid dynamics simulation of bioreactors”

1995-3-2: David Di Ruscio, “A method for the identification of state space models from input and output measurements”

1993-3-1: Bernt Lie and Jens G. Balchen, “A Comparison of Strategies for the Control of a Polypropene Reactor”


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