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University of Agder

 Total number of MIC articles       39 Arrow Up
 Total number of DOI citations  259
 Average citations per article  6.64
 Years 2009 - 2019 

MIC: University of Agder

2019-1-2: Jan Fredrik Røsjordet and Geir Hovland, “Methods for Experimentally Determining Stiffness of a Multi-Axis Machining Centre”

2018-3-5: Sondre Sanden Tørdal, Jan Thomas Olsen and Geir Hovland, “The Norwegian Motion-Laboratory”

2018-3-1: Jan Kucera and Geir Hovland, “Tail Removal Block Validation: Implementation and Analysis”

2018-2-5: Geir-Arne Moslått, Michael R. Hansen and Nicolai Sand Karlsen, “A model for torque losses in variable displacement axial piston motors”

2018-1-1: Petter H. Gøytil, Michael R. Hansen and Geir Hovland, “Iterative Learning Applied to Hydraulic Pressure Control”

2017-4-1: Geir Hovland and Jan Kucera, “Nonlinear Feedback Control and Stability Analysis of a Proof-of-Work Blockchain”

2017-3-4: Andreas Klausen, Roy Werner Folgerø, Kjell G. Robbersmyr and Hamid Reza Karimi, “Accelerated Bearing Life-time Test Rig Development for Low Speed Data Acquisition”

2017-2-3: Sondre Sanden Tørdal and Geir Hovland, “Relative Vessel Motion Tracking using Sensor Fusion, Aruco Markers, and MRU Sensors”

2017-2-2: Daniel Hagen, Witold Pawlus, Morten K. Ebbesen and Torben Ole Andersen, “Feasibility Study of Electromechanical Cylinder Drivetrain for Offshore Mechatronic Systems”

2016-4-1: Jesper Kirk Sørensen, Michael R. Hansen and Morten K. Ebbesen, “Numerical and Experimental Study of a Novel Concept for Hydraulically Controlled Negative Loads”

2016-1-3: Jing Zhou, Jan Einar Gravdal, Per Strand and Svein Hovland, “Automated Kick Control Procedure for an Influx in Managed Pressure Drilling Operations”

2016-1-1: Witold Pawlus, Martin Choux and Michael R. Hansen, “Hydraulic vs. Electric: A Review of Actuation Systems in Offshore Drilling Equipment”

2015-4-3: Sondre Sanden Tørdal, Andreas Klausen and Morten K. Bak, “Experimental System Identification and Black Box Modeling of Hydraulic Directional Control Valve”

2015-4-2: Torben Ole Andersen, Henrik C. Pedersen and Michael R. Hansen, “Discrete Learning Control with Application to Hydraulic Actuators”

2015-2-1: Øyvind Magnussen, Morten Ottestad and Geir Hovland, “Multicopter Design Optimization and Validation”

2015-1-1: Magnus B. Kjelland and Michael R. Hansen, “Offshore Wind Payload Transfer Using Flexible Mobile Crane”

2014-3-4: Francisco Palacios-Quiñonero, Josep Rubio-Massegu, Josep M. Rossell and Hamid Reza Karimi, “Recent Advances in Static Output-Feedback Controller Design with Applications to Vibration Control of Large Structures”

2014-3-3: Fangwen Li, Peng Shi, Xingcheng Wang and Hamid Reza Karimi, “Robust H-Infinity Filtering for Networked Control Systems with Markovian Jumps and Packet Dropouts”

2013-4-2: Morten K. Bak and Michael R. Hansen, “Analysis of Offshore Knuckle Boom Crane - Part Two: Motion Control”

2013-4-1: Morten K. Bak and Michael R. Hansen, “Analysis of Offshore Knuckle Boom Crane - Part One: Modeling and Parameter Identification”

2012-4-2: Bo Wang, Peng Shi, Hamid Reza Karimi and Xiucheng Dong, “Stochastic Stability Analysis for Markovian Jump Neutral Nonlinear Systems”

2012-4-1: Knut B. Kaldestad, Geir Hovland and David A. Anisi, “3D Sensor-Based Obstacle Detection Comparing Octrees and Point clouds Using CUDA”

2012-3-2: Rasmus M. Sørensen, Michael R. Hansen and Ole Ø. Mouritsen, “Numerical and Experimental Study of Friction Loss in Hydrostatic Motor”

2012-3-1: Francisco Palacios-Quiñonero, Josep Rubio-Massegu, Josep M. Rossell and Hamid Reza Karimi, “Optimal passive-damping design using a decentralized velocity-feedback H-Infinity approach”

2012-2-4: Jaroslav Cibulka, Morten K. Ebbesen, Geir Hovland, Kjell G. Robbersmyr and Michael R. Hansen, “A Review on Approaches for Condition Based Maintenance in Applications with Induction Machines Located Offshore”

2012-1-3: Bo Wang, Peng Shi, Hamid Reza Karimi and Jun Wang, “H-Infinity robust controller design for the synchronization of master-slave chaotic systems with disturbance input”

2012-1-1: Morten Haastrup, Michael R. Hansen, Morten K. Ebbesen and Ole Ø. Mouritsen, “Modeling and Parameter Identification of Deflections in Planetary Stage of Wind Turbine Gearbox”

2011-4-2: Morten Haastrup, Michael R. Hansen and Morten K. Ebbesen, “Modeling of Wind Turbine Gearbox Mounting”

2011-3-1: Lelai Zhou, Shaoping Bai, Michael R. Hansen and John Rasmussen, “Modeling of Human Arm Energy Expenditure for Predicting Energy Optimal Trajectories”

2011-2-2: Francisco Palacios-Quiñonero, Josep M. Rossell and Hamid Reza Karimi, “Semi-decentralized Strategies in Structural Vibration Control”

2011-2-1: Michael Basin, Juan J. Maldonado and Hamid Reza Karimi, “Mean-Square Filtering for Polynomial System States Confused with Poisson Noises over Polynomial Observations”

2011-1-3: Abozar Alabakhshizadeh, Yousef Iskandarani, Geir Hovland and Ole M. Midtgård, “Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Mechatronic Systems using the Bond Graph Method”

2011-1-1: Søren E. Sørensen, Michael R. Hansen, Morten K. Ebbesen and Ole Ø. Mouritsen, “Implicit Identification of Contact Parameters in a Continuous Chain Model”

2010-4-2: Mikkel M. Pedersen, Michael R. Hansen and Morten Ballebye, “Developing a Tool Point Control Scheme for a Hydraulic Crane Using Interactive Real-time Dynamic Simulation”

2010-1-3: Martin Choux and Geir Hovland, “Adaptive Backstepping Control of Nonlinear Hydraulic-Mechanical System Including Valve Dynamics”

2009-3-8: Morten Breivik, Geir Hovland and Pål J. From, “Trends in Research and Publication: Science 2.0 and Open Access”

2009-3-6: Tor A. Hauge, Rune Løkling and Stanley Haga, “Past, Present and Future of Process Control at Xstrata Nikkelverk”

2009-2-1: Ilya Tyapin and Geir Hovland, “Kinematic and Elastostatic Design Optimisation of the 3-DOF Gantry-Tau Parallel Kinematic Manipulator”

2009-1-3: Hamid Reza Karimi, “Robust H-Infinity Filter Design for Uncertain Linear Systems Over Network with Network-Induced Delays and Output Quantization”


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