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 Total number of MIC articles in 1996  19
 Total number of DOI citations  72
 Average citations per article   3.79 

1996, Vol. 17, No. 4:
1.Aage SkullestadIdentification of Vibration Parameters in a Spacecraft using Nonparametric and Parametric Methods”, pp. 231-259
2.Morten C. SvenssonProcess Identification in On-line Optimizing Control, an Application to a Heat Pump”, pp. 261-278
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] Lorenz T. Biegler (2007), doi:10.1016/j.cep.2006.06.021
3.Morten C. SvenssonModel-based Optimizing Control of a Water-to-Water Heat Pump Unit”, pp. 279-295
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] Bryan A. Eisenhower and Thordur Runolfsson (2009), doi:10.1007/s11071-008-9341-7
  [2] B.A. Eisenhower and T. Runolfsson (2004), doi:10.1109/CDC.2004.1430354
  [3] Tobias K.S. Ritschel, Jozsef Gaspar and John Bagterp Jørgensen (2017), doi:10.1016/j.ifacol.2017.08.951
1996, Vol. 17, No. 3:
1.Sigurd Skogestad and Erik A. Wolff, “Controllability measures for disturbance rejection”, pp. 167-181
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] Kevin W.K. Yee, Jie Bao and Dianne E. Wiley (2012), doi:10.1016/j.ces.2011.11.046
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2.Tor A Johnsen and Fridtjof F. Unander, “Norwegian Residential Energy Demand: Coordinated use of a System Engineering and a Macroeconomic Model”, pp. 183-192
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] Erik Trømborg, Monica Havskjold, Ole Lislebø and Per Kristian Rørstad (2011), doi:10.1016/j.enpol.2011.08.009
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3.David Di RuscioCombined Deterministic and Stochastic System Identification and Realization: DSR - A Subspace Approach Based on Observations”, pp. 193-230
DOI forward links to this article:
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1996, Vol. 17, No. 2:
1.Erling Johannessen and Olav Egeland, “Robust performance in dynamic positioning systems”, pp. 75-86
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] Sam-Sang You, Tae-Woo Lim, Joon-Young Kim and Hyeung-Sik Choi (2017), doi:10.1177/1475090215624721
2.Tor S. ScheiWave disturbance filtering in dynamic positioning systems”, pp. 87-96
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] David Di Ruscio and Christer Dalen (2017), doi:10.4173/mic.2017.2.4
3.Marit Paulsen and Olav Egeland, “An output feedback tracking controller for ships with nonlinear damping terms”, pp. 97-106
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] Jin Cheng, Jianqiang Yi and Dongbin Zhao (2006), doi:10.1109/CESA.2006.4281744
4.Trygve Lauvdal and Thor I. Fossen, “A globally stable autopilot with wave filter using only yaw angle measurements”, pp. 107-119
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] Trygve Lauvdal and Thor I. Fossen (1998), doi:10.1002/(SICI)1099-1115(199812)12:8<605::AID-ACS516>3.0.CO;2-1
5.Marit Paulsen and Olav Egeland, “Passive output feedback and observer based autopilots: A comparative study”, pp. 121-133
6.Asgeir J. Sørensen, Svein I. Sagatun and Thor I. Fossen, “Design of a dynamic positioning system using model-based control”, pp. 135-151
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] S. Spry and K. Hedrick (1999), doi:10.1109/ACC.1999.783616
7.Thor I. Fossen, Svein I. Sagatun and Asgeir J. Sørensen, “Identification of Dynamically Positioned Ships”, pp. 153-165
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] David Moreno-Salinas, Dictino Chaos, Eva Besada-Portas, José Antonio López-Orozco, Jesús M. de la Cruz and Joaquín Aranda (2013), doi:10.1155/2013/890120
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1996, Vol. 17, No. 1:
1.Mathias HåndlykkenAdvances in Inertial Measurement Technology for Marine Motion Control”, pp. 5-15
2.Ingrid Schjølberg and Olav Egeland, “Motion Control of underwater vehicle-manipulator systems using feedback linearization”, pp. 17-26
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] W.-C. Lam and T. Ura (1996), doi:10.1109/AUV.1996.532403
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3.B. SmestadMinesniper”, pp. 27-35
4.Jens G. BalchenModel based teleoperation of untethered underwater vehicles with manipulators”, pp. 37-45
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] Bart Milne, XiaoQi Chen, Chris Hann, Richard Parker and Paul Milliken (2013), doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-4225-6.ch012
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5.Thor I. Fossen and Ola-Erik Fjellstad, “Robust adaptive control of underwater vehicles: A comparative study”, pp. 47-61
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] M. Caccia, G. Indiveri and G. Veruggio (2000), doi:10.1109/48.838986
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6.Per G. Auran and Olli Silven, “Ideas for underwater 3D sonar range sensing and environmental modeling”, pp. 63-73
DOI forward links to this article:
  [1] P.G. Auran and K.E. Malvig (1996), doi:10.1109/CVPR.1996.517131


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