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“Navigation by images”

Authors: Espen Hagen and Eilert Heyerdahl,
Affiliation: Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)
Reference: 1993, Vol 14, No 3, pp. 133-143.

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Keywords: Autonomous navigation, computer vision, optical flow, Kalman filters

Abstract: A new navigation method based on measurements of image tokens and Kalman filtering is presented. An image token is the central projection of a landmark, a point on the terrain surface. This surface being described by an elevation map, a Kalman filter processes the measurements to update estimates of camera position and orientation, and landmarks. The method has been implemented for off-line simulations of aeroplane navigation. Preliminary tests indicate a performance at least comparable to that of satellite navigation systems. The implemented algorithm also seems to have high tolerance against noise and modeling errors.

PDF PDF (2020 Kb)        DOI: 10.4173/mic.1993.3.2

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